Sale Training Advanced Instrumentations, Inc.

Advanced Instrumentsations, Inc. evaluates that Vietnam and South East Asia are potential markets for its products. In these countries, many health sectors are underdeveloped as well as government investments in the health sector are increasing year by year.

ADVANCED products are highly valued by the quality and characteristics which are suitable for the demand and the climate in South East Asia as well as by its the low price.

Thanh An TDT Co., LTD, the exclusive distributor of ADVANCED in Viet Nam, has successfully implemented many projects and is highly rated by government and private investors.

To achieve that success, the sales team plays an important role. In order to further develop the market, ADVANCED regularly organizes SALE TRAINING & SERVICE TRAING in Viet Nam for its partner.

Some images in the training course:

Sale Training Advanced Instrumentations Inc.


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